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Bruce A. Hubbard, P.C.
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Practice Areas:
Practice Areas:

Real Estate

Work With A Seasoned Attorney Who Knows New York Real Estate Laws

Bruce A. Hubbard has extensive experience and knowledge of New York’s real estate laws. His broad range of practice includes working as a corporate attorney for a board of large residential buildings.

Mr. Hubbard provides sophisticated results for individuals and businesses with residential and commercial real estate issues such as:

  • Real estate bids
  • Owner/architect agreements
  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Preparation of agreements
  • Negotiation of owner/contractor agreements
  • Closing of construction project transactions
  • Rehabilitation of real estate development projects

Why Should I Work With A Lawyer When I Have A Real Estate Agent?

Your prospective home may need to have work done on it, or you may encounter a series of preconditions that need to be satisfied before the transaction can be completed.

Many real estate brokers want an exclusive contract with you, and this could cause you to lose opportunities that may arise.

Mr. Hubbard finds that clients put themselves at risk when they do not use an attorney for their real estate transaction. Common unforeseen risks include:

  • Delays with banks relating to bank deadlines
  • Credit issues
  • Unclear titles and deeds
  • Environmental problems
  • Easements
  • Encroachments

Bruce A. Hubbard can help you deal with unexpected real estate delays, or handle the title companies on your behalf. He has 45 years of experience in every level of real estate and has worked on every type of sale and issue for both individuals and large companies.

Contact Mr. Hubbard at 212-257-3348 for a consultation, or contact him online.