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Bruce A. Hubbard, P.C.
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Bruce A. Hubbard is an attorney who understands the complexities of New York real estate law, commercial transactions and litigation in the city. His vast experience can help you strengthen your business transaction position and help you secure the best legal solution.

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Practice Areas:
Practice Areas:

A Wealth Of Business Law And Real Estate Experience

Commercial Transactions In New York City

Bruce A. Hubbard, P.C., is well-versed in drafting and negotiating contracts for business marketing, litigation settlements, construction project financing, stock transactions and employment contracts. He has completed contracts for employment options, equity arrangements and severance. He has offered his expertise for the creation of new business entities, and provided advice for their financing, investment and business plans.

New York City Real Estate Lawyer

Mr. Hubbard has practiced in New York City and has comprehensive knowledge and high-level experience with cooperative and condominium boards for all contracts, litigation, regulatory agency cases and construction matters. He provides individual and commercial leases, interpretations of those leases, title searches, negotiation with regulatory agencies and review of real estate documents.

His experience includes preparation and negotiation of economic net commercial leases for clients as landlord and tenant for a major Manhattan real estate firm.